With the development of blockchain technology, the ZK track is gradually rising and has been valued by the market. The importance of privacy protection has become increasingly prominent. More and more blockchain projects have begun to explore zero-knowledge technology and launch related product and service.


Among them, Aleo, the leader of track L1, has won the attention of the market with the top investment of its VC agency. Aleo is the first decentralized open source platform to support private and programmable applications. Before the launch of the mainnet, Aleo has received up to US$200 million in investment from venture capital institutions such as A16Z, Softbank, and Samsung NEXT, and is now valued at US$1.4 billion. Similarly, IronFish of the privacy track has also received investment from Sequoia Capital and A16Z. The participation of these well-known investment institutions has promoted the vigorous development of the privacy public chain track. More and more people have seen the huge hidden potential of this track and want to participate in mining.

In order to meet market demand, SuperData Mining, a mining brand under CITEX Global, has launched computing power products such as Aleo and other privacy tracks. As an established mining company, SuperData Mining can undertake the computing power of Ethereum miners and other GPU mining machines, thereby increasing the computing power of the entire network and promoting the rise of token prices. Early participation in mining can obtain more tokens at a lower cost, bringing higher profit margins for CITEX users.

At present, the mining market is developing in a diversified direction. When choosing a mining machine, comprehensive consideration should be given to services such as technology, operation and maintenance, hosting, hardware, and storage. Shareholders of CITEX Global started to deploy mining projects in 2014, and have formed a one-stop complete service chain of procurement, hosting, operation and maintenance and repair. CITEX GLobal launched the SuperData mining brand, deployed mines globally in Kazakhstan, North America, Angola and other places, built a mining business service system, and deeply participated in the mining layout. The CITEX mining team has the characteristics of low-cost procurement of mining machines, low electricity costs, and professional operation and maintenance, which promotes the continuous expansion of the mining machine business. CITEX will focus on POSW, ZK track mining coins, and storage and computing tracks, such as Aleo and IronFish, and strive to develop new tracks and be at the forefront of the industry.

The above information is compiled by the CITEX content group, which is for learning and exchange purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice. For more information, please pay attention to the follow-up content. As the world’s No. 1 mining exchange, CITEX always puts users’ interests first and is committed to providing safe, transparent, open and efficient digital asset services. In the future, CITEX will continue to be oriented by the market and user needs, with multiple depths and multiple innovations, to launch more high-quality products, and to provide users with more investment opportunities and satisfactory services.

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