On February 17, 2023, the 2023 Ecological Consensus Conference and Protradex platform launch conference ended successfully in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference is based on the theme of application ecology to explore the new direction of Protradex’s ecological development, explore the opportunities and challenges faced under the development of the new period, jointly promote the high -speed development of the industry, and promote the platform to better ecological implementation.


At the beginning of the meeting, the special guest Thai general Gen. Chot -nunpreecha Subhirun made a speech and shared. He said that in the current changing economic environment, the financial industry has always been one of the most vibrant and challenging areas in all walks of life. For companies that are deeply cultivated, they need to constantly face new challenges and find new opportunities to maintain the market leading position. This meeting is a platform for communication and sharing. We can discuss industry dynamics and trends through this platform, share sharing experience and insights, promote financial innovation and development, and make more outstanding industry pioneers and partners. Seek more opportunities for cooperation. With the end of the speech and warm applause, the sharing session of the conference at this launch conference also officially kicked off.


With the opening of the meeting, the meeting ushered in the theme sharing session, namely Co-Founder and Managing Partner Cloudtree Ventures-Alex, CEO DIGITECH Security Infobalt-George, Protradex Ambassador-Danrod Three Tsistra Models. Wonderful speech.

First of all, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Cloudtree Ventures-Alex shared the keynote speech “Nine Trends in the Blockchain Industry”. He mentioned that traditional Internet media and content distribution platforms, even if the content is professional, and has more editors, the commercial value does not exceed Twitter and Instgram. Also in the era of web3.0, there are more professional financial people and more profitable companies, which is not as good as a global open agreement. It uses a uniform Crypto and Token system in the world to cross the bridge of language and culture. Go to capture greater value. Obviously, web3.0 must be a bright road to the future.


Then, CEO DIGITECH SECTOR Association Infobalt-George shared the keynote speech “Web3.0: Opportunities and Challenges”. He mentioned that web3.0 will be another major transformation of human communication and entertainment methods after the mobile Internet era. As science and technology are becoming more and more mature, underlying technologies such as 5G, VR, blockchain, and digital twins provide strong support for the vigorous development of Web3. These relationships or scenarios have changed, and the business form carrying these connections will also carry out a new round of disruptive innovation. The appearance of the Web3 concept not only rewrites the traditional business model, reshapes the global digital business map, but is even expected to give birth to a new digital era.

Subsequently, the heavy link of this conference-PROTRADEX ecological launching ceremony was officially opened. With the impassioned music, the host invited six representatives of Alex, George, Danrod, Jenny, Shao Shuai, and Allen to the stage for launching ceremony. “Ten, nine, eight … three, two, one, start!”, As the big screen launch button lights up, the road of protradex ecological change is officially opened, and another financial dark horse on the chain was born.


After that, the Protradex Ambassador-Danrod brought the guest to the guests to give a speech “Protradex: A One-Stop Financial Service Platform”. From the industry background, ecology, products, business models, and innovation advantages, he introduced in detail the financial magnificent blueprint on the Protradex chain. Protradex is a one -stop financial service platform focusing on derivatives on the chain. At present, the platform provides a goal based on going to go The centralized NFT leverage mortgage agreement is different from the current NFT loan platform on the market. Protradex not only allows users to deposit NFT assets into the capital pool to obtain encrypted assets, such as USDT, but also supports users to hold encrypted assets in the agreement, borrow funds through leverage, and use these assets to purchase popular NFT in the platform when the NFT price rises. And profit.


With the end of Danrod’s keynote speech, it entered another wonderful link of this meeting-PROTRADEX overseas team connection. This overseas connection invited Protradex CMO-Victor. During the connection period, Victor mainly focused on the current development status, competitive advantages, platform highlights, market expansion, ecological landing, future development route direction, multi -dimensional and omni -aspects of the development of ProtraDex.


When the video connection came to an end, a warm applause sounded again at the scene. Driven by the host, the meeting pushed to the climax again. Wonderful content sharing and melodious music, accompanied by soft lights, under the witness of the representatives of major leaders and the guests attending the meeting, everyone took a group photo, 2023 ECOLOGAL CONSENSUS Conference Protradex Launch Meeting also ended a successful end.

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