$GUMP is a reward token driven by the $PEOPLE community and can be thought of as a SocialFi experiment within $PEOPLE believers. Holders will be rewarded by providing liquidity or creating a referring link.

GUMP is fully decentralized, 95% of $GUMP is allocated in Uniswap Pool, 5% of $GUMP will be airdrop to $PEOPLE holders and $GUMP promoters.

What is the original intention of your team to build the Gump project?

We have witnessed the rise of DAO during the years. GUMPO DAO is written in a smart contract and deployed to the blockchain. Once deployed, they will consistently execute as written and cannot be changed, GUMP is a smart contact-powered project, we believe that its infrastructure could help reduce fraud among all parties involved in the blockchain.

Moreover, GUMP is a socialFi experience, SocialFi ecosystem is constantly thriving is growing strongly in the web 3.0 era. With the positions that SocialFi currently has, GUMP believes that this is a great development in the technology world and also a good way to ensure the personal interests of users in the virtual space.

What are the characteristics of GUMP that attracts users?

The development team of GUMP consists of a group of blockchain engineers and programmers who are obsessed with the DAO concept. Our philosophy is that all holders jointly provide liquidity, adhere to the value of $PEOPLE, and eventually form a DAO. So based on this, the $GUMP smart contract is completely open source and complex. It combines a deflationary economic model, a social reward mechanism and a liquidity mining mechanism, and it is believed that the reward program built into the GUMP smart contract will help the project go viral and increase the value of $PEOPLE and PeopleDAO.

What is the biggest challenge of $GUMP right now?

One of the challenges of the development of $GUMP is the high gas fee on Ethereum.

In response to this challenge, we are trying to use the expansion of Ethereum to reduce the gas fees. Although the ecology is still in its early stages, it is undeniable that some of the projects that have been launched are impressive and improving. There are also Layer2 solutions such as projects based on Optimistic Rollups or ZK-Rollups, which inherit all the security guarantees of Ethereum while providing their own ultra-efficient infrastructure.

Regardless, we will continue to advance the community development of $GUMP. You will definitely see a surge in the price of $GUMP

How to get Gump and talk about the expected return of investing in Gump?

$GUMP is now listed on Uniswap: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/pair/0xe224093a11cb4a95aad17bc8021818f91f9136d5

PEOPLE holders can also claim their GUMP airdrops: https://getagump.org/

Here are some tips to earn more $GUMPs.

1.Add liquidity pool to Uniswap V2

2.Send GUMP to a new address to create a new referral link.

The more LP tokens you have, the more rewards you will earn.

The more referral link you have , the more rewards you will earn.

Tell us what you think about DAO

In recent years, DAO experiments and models have emerged. Meanwhile, the overall outlook for all-in-one tools and DAOs for building DAO functionality remains the largest in the crypto industry. More and more young people are paying more and more attention to concepts such as democracy, freedom, and anti-exploitation, so DAO is likely to subvert the development of traditional organizational forms in the future. A good example is ConsititutionDAO, web3.0 and MEME concepts through “democracy, freedom” and “of the people, by the people, for the people” slogan, thus, forming a strong community consensus。

If trends like this continue, we might see large organizations, VCs, media and institutions built on open blockchains someday. Likewise, as the crypto user experience improves, DAOs may replace LLCs as the preferred organizational form in an increasingly digital world.

Picture the future of Gump

Our medium-term goal is to establish a DAO composed of people who hold $PEOPLE/$GUMP liquidity shares; and to form a concerted action person within the ConstitutionDAO, thereby influencing the future direction of $PEOPLE. Applying the concept of Fund of Fund (FoF), we call this organizational form DAO of DAO (DoD).

In the long run, ConstitutionDAO has the opportunity to form a consensus layer composed of people and rules, and develop into a new independent blockchain. At that time, our engineers and researchers will have the opportunity to participate in the establishment of this new order.

What is the future cooperation between Gump and SIT?

In the opinion of our Gump team, Silicoin is a project with the spirit of DAO. So, we will first carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in DAO. In addition, it is well known that WEB 3.0 is the general trend, so Gump and Silicoin will deeply explore the exploration of decentralized ID. I believe that both Gump and Silicoin in the future will have different degrees of investigation in their respective development directions, so the cooperation between us will have infinite possibilities.

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